About Us

I started henry james to make the planet cleaner for our children.

Before the birth of my first son, I was reflecting on how much plastic and pollutants we put into the oceanhow much waste there is in the quick fashion industry, and how some brands say they are committed to sustainability-  but then turn around and make their clothes in offshore warehouses and pollute the planet by shipping their clothes to the places where they are sold.

I thought we could do better.

I realized two things in that moment:

  • We often times focus more on who is making the label and whether or not they are on trend by influencers (whatever that means) instead of what is behind the label- I thought we could create a better world for us all while making some pretty awesome clothes.
  • With emerging technology, we can create comfortable clothing in a safe, sustainable way that actually reduces the carbon footprint on the world while reducing pollutants in our oceans.


OK, so who are we? 

At henry james, we strive to make clothing that elevates the world one awesome piece at a time.

We believe that inspiration starts from within and that you don’t need to buy more stuff to be happy (including our clothing, though we think our clothes are pretty awesome).

We want everyone to think about the world a little more, themselves a little less.

We have made these products that people will want to live in, adventure in, and wear during life’s greatest moments (and the most mundane).

We believe that people will wear great clothes that help our planet without being trended by influencers (whatever that means).


Our ethos:

Henry James will always seek to source fabric and make clothes locally, out of materials that are organic and recycled, to ensure our commitment to sustainability and community remains intact. 

Our vision is to make inspired threads for the enlightened adventurer that look and feel good while making the world a better, cleaner place for future generations. 

We make all of our fabrics after testing and re-testing the threats for durability, sustainability, and function- and  we try to make our clothes wrinkle free and wrinkle resistant so you will look good wherever you roam.

We are committed to:

  • Sustainability: We are in business for our children- we are making quality clothes that are sustainable while advancing the futures of the next generation of travelers. We want the oceans to be cleaner, the skies brighter, the world more inspired to live its passions and be its best self. It starts for us in the clothes we make and wear, and we make ours out of recycled and organic material to help save our mother earth.
  • Style: We make timeless classics that look and feel great in all settings; we are relentless in our pursuit of quality design that is comfortable, functional, stylish, sustainable, and above all, ethical.
  • Community: We source and manufacture locally (not in some offshore sweatshop), adding value to our local businesses; we don’t cut corners to make a little more profit at the expense of the environment, our society, or future generations.
  • Adventure: We are inspired by those who seek an enlightened way of living and want to wear clothes that reflect their commitment to making the world a better place. We make amazing quality clothes for adventurers of the world. We want our fellow travelers to feel good rocking the threads we make in all different environments- WFH, WFO, no work at all...drinks...dinner...after dinner drinks...late nights, sunrises, early mornings, brunch.

We hope we can make the world a better place while providing enlightened travelers go-to clothing staples they can bring with them on their adventures, wherever they may roam – thank you for your support, hope you’ll join us on the journey ahead.