Why Columbus?

Why HJ Loves Columbus Tubes

Why Henry James Loves Columbus
Antonio Columbo and Chris Merrill

Antonio Columbo with Henry James owner, Chris Merrill

Why Columbus Is Our Top Choice

Why Chris Merrill and Henry James choose Columbus

At Henry James, we supply a LOT of bicycle tubing to framebuilders worldwide, and our go-to resource has always been True Temper. Imagine our concern when it was announced True Temper would be exiting the bicycle tubing business - would we be able to find a company that would work with us to develop the best quality tubing for our customers? Could we stock up on every last tube manufactured to keep you supplied for years to come? Doubtful. In July 2017, after 30+ years manufacturing steel bicycle tubing, True Temper produced their last bicycle tube. It was the end of the legendary "Thunder Chicken". Shortly after True Temper’s announcement, we were contacted by many of the top producers of premium bicycle tubing, who hoped to establishing a business relationship with Henry James. Only one of those suppliers came to us with a plan that matched our vision, and so the process began to build a partnership with our new tubing supplier, Columbus.

Throughout our years with True Temper, Henry James Bicycles was much more than just their exclusive distributor. Most of the tubing designs were developed under the guidance of Henry James, with feedback from our framebuilding customers. We have never been a supplier who purchases a catalog of parts and resells them to our customers, and we're not about to change that. Being an integral part of the development process is important to us, and we were fortunate that Columbus was looking to start a partnership with a company that would assist in new product development. The new tubing with Anti-Dent treatment is just the beginning of our collaboration to bring innovative new products to bicycle framebuilders worldwide.

Above all, the top two reasons we decided to form a relationship with Columbus were the incredibly great, passionate people within the Columbus organization, and the legendary quality of their products. As a competitor for many years, we were always extremely impressed with the quality of Columbus steel tubing, and we are excited to now offer the world’s finest tubing and carbon forks to our customers. For over 40 years, we have treated our customers and suppliers as members of the Henry James family, and we look forward to introducing you to Columbus, the newest member of our family. We know that you will like them as much as we do. RIP Thunder Chicken, the Columbus Dove is here to stay.