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Ready-To-Paint Graphics

Ready to Paint Carbon Forks

Columbus’ brand new graphics, designed for the painted forks-range, have been specifically designed to integrate with all the possible colors and paint-schemes of the cycling world: from traditional and elegant steel frames, to the most updated and aggressive monocoques, minimal or racing. To keep the Columbus identity on the Ready-To-Paint version (RTP), Columbus includes a set of special adhesive painting masks with each fork. These stencils, bearing the Columbus logo, allow the builder to replicate Columbus graphics to any custom-painted bicycle.

Instructions for installing Columbus carbon forks

Why Use Carbon Forks?

Many cyclists like us, who have been riding long enough to recall their first ride on a bicycle equipped with a carbon fork, will remember the immediate sensation of…WOW!

In our opinion, there isn’t another frame component that has the same level of impact on ride quality than a carbon fork. While steel forks are fantastic, and offer added design flexibility that carbon forks can’t match, they do not offer the same level of ride performance that you will find in today’s carbon forks. When putting a carbon fork to the test on your favorite technical descent or on a city limit sign sprint, you will immediately feel what many refer to as the superior “tracking” of a carbon fork. Because of the increased stiffness of a carbon fork, your front wheel, along with the rest of your bicycle remained glued to the tarmac in the line you have your bicycle pointed. No more wishy-washy feeling of uncertainty. Your confidence and your riding will immediately improve on a carbon fork. And because engineers can lay up the carbon fibers in a multitude of ways, ride comfort can also be enhanced based upon the desired ride characteristics.

So, whether you are designing a bicycle frame from scratch, or upgrading a steel, Ti or aluminum frame, the perfect component choice is a carbon fork.

Now that you have decided to include a carbon fork in your frame design, why choose Columbus?

  • Columbus has been developing and selling carbon forks since the late 1990’s, making them the carbon fork brand with the longest history in this category.
  • Columbus forks are suitable for many frame geometries and specifications, so you are able to perfectly match steel, aluminum, Ti or carbon requirements and aesthetics.
  • A wide range of fork designs, suitable for classic, as well as modern frame designs. All forks come in either “Painted” or “Ready To Paint” versions.
  • Columbus offers multiple rake options in many of the forks they produce, again allowing the frame builder more design options.
  • Want to upgrade an old steel frame that only accepts a 1” steerer? No problem, Columbus offers forks with 1” steerer, as well as 1 1/8”, 1 1/4” and 1 1/2”
  • Caliper brake? Disc brake? Thru-Axle? Yes. Yes. Yes. We’ve got them all.
  • The “Ready To Paint” option is a good answer to the needs of framebuilders. Simplifying the customization process, saving significant time and money.
  • All forks come with a 5 year warranty
  • Last but not least, Columbus forks are designed and priced to offer the most value and performance of any brand on the market. And now framebuilders can purchase their Columbus tubing and carbon forks from one source…Henry James Bicycles.