Why Lugs

Henry James Lugs

Why Lugs?
Why use Lugs?

Henry James is the only maker of investment cast bicycle parts that has made the commitment to offer a full range of lug angles in regular and oversize diameters. This allows Custom Builders to design their frames to meet the riders needs.

The mass produced lugged bicycle is long gone. Today, lugged construction is found primarily on quality, hand made bicycles. The added technical and esthetic values offset the added labor of lugged construction. Custom bicycle enthusiasts appreciate the technical superiority, better reliability, longer life, and great looks of a well made lugged frame.

Silver brazed construction with lugs reinforces the joints, so the frame has added strength where it is needed. Building with lugs also allows the frame builder’s artistry to come through in the finished product.

Henry James is unique in offering component series that all match esthetically. Our Lugs, BB Shells, Crowns and Dropouts in each series are all styled to work together.

All Henry James products are manufactured using the highest standards and quality control, proudly made in the USA.