Fit + Sizing

Fit + Sizing

Fit + Sizing
Customizing your bike for Fit & Sizing

Custom builders know that a true custom frame has to be designed around:

  • A combination of the leg length AND the rider's leg, torso and arm proportions
  • The rider's weight, strength, and riding style (from smooth to aggressive)
  • The desired frame stiffness, based on intended use and preferred ride feel
  • The rider's esthetic taste and budget

This short list of requirements covers such a wide range, that no production bike can ever give you a true custom fit. Stock frame designs must be a com-promise. Custom bikes are sold on how well they fit, and how well they ride.

Many of today's top custom builders are using the latest lightweight steel tubing, investment cast steel lugs, and their understanding of bicycle fit and construction to provide their customers with a truly custom ride without compromise.

The Art of Custom Framebuilding

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people look at a bicycle and see a functional transportation tool. Others see the purest form of art and craftsmanship. The great thing about the bicycle is that it satisfies both of these people's needs. A true blend of form and function.

You may be considering building or purchasing a custom built bicycle. With the growth in bicycle sales, there are more custom framebuilders than ever before. So if you are looking to have one built, it is fairly easy to find a builder. If you are considering building a bicycle, it can be a very rewarding experience, but it does take some time and patience to develop the skills to be able to build a frame that matches the image in your mind. Part of the beauty of a custom bicycle is that it is one of a kind, flaws and all.

Custom bike frame building

OK, so now that you are thinking about a custom bicycle, over a stock bicycle that you can buy at the local bike shop, let's remember what truly makes it custom. A good custom framebuilder will be able to match the bicycle to the riding style of the rider as well as address any specific fit needs. Knowing how to craft a pile of steel tubes, lugs and other parts into a fun, fast work of art is what the custom experience is all about. Enjoy the ride.