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"Since our first investment cast steel Bottom Bracket Shell in 1977, our goal has been to manufacture Henry James products using the highest standards and quality control. We are very proud of the fact that all Henry James Bicycle products are Made in the USA."

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Henry James Bicycles gets its name from Henry James Folson… better known as Hank. After spending time as a successful product design engineer, Hank decided to take his love of cycling for a spin in the bicycle business. Forty years later, you can still find Hank hard at work designing the next framebuilding innovations.

Over the years, Hank, along with his wife Monika, have provided a welcoming voice to all framebuilders, regardless of their level of experience. They have been instrumental in paving the way for what is today a thriving handmade bicycle industry.

Today, Henry James Bicycles, now located in Portland, Oregon, supplies beautiful investment cast bicycle parts, framebuilding equipment and materials, Columbus and True Temper bicycle tubing to builders around the world. What has remained the same over the years is our commitment to quality, support of USA made products, and the welcoming voice to any size framebuilder.

We look forward to serving you, and to assisting with your next framebuilding project.

Chris Merrill and Henry James founder, Hank Folson