Thunder Chicken Legend

Thunder Chicken

The Legend of the Thunder Chicken

Part 1

Andy Hampsten ascends Passo del Gravia in 1988.  Was the Thunder Chicken there?Many claimed to have seen the mysterious Thunder Chicken. Much like the claims of Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman and sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, there is little proof that these creatures actually exist.

One such sighting came during Stage 14 of the 1988 Giro d’Italia, on what is now the legendary ascent of the snowy Passo del Gavia, by American cyclist Andy Hampsten. One witness recalls… "Through the snow, I saw the Thunder Chicken leap from Andy’s body and carry him to victory that day."  A quick check of Hampsten’s bicycle finds a bird-like creature emblazoned on its top tube. Is this the Thunder Chicken?

There have been several other sightings reported over the years, but nothing to explain where this creature lives or where it came from.

In the little hamlet of Amory, Mississippi…not far from the birthplace of Elvis…locals claim that this is the home of the Thunder Chicken. One resident notes…"Elvis was bitten by the Thunder Chicken when he was a child! Just look at the way he moved. Ain’t nothin’ else could explain it. Elvis had the Thunder Chicken in him!"

Was Elvis bitten by the Thunder Chicken?What kind of creature could give a man the heart and determination to cycle through the most extreme conditions and give another the soul and moves to become the King of Rock n’ Roll? Could it really be this mysterious Thunder Chicken?

Some think the Thunder Chicken lives deep in all of us, waiting for the perfect opportunity to show itself. Scientists from across the globe, have tried to determine what makes the Thunder Chicken come out of hiding. While no study has yielded any conclusive answers, it does appear that Thunder Chicken sightings occur more frequently in individuals with the will and fortitude to overcome all obstacles, no matter how big, yet have the style and grace to make it look easy.

This is just one of many scientific views. Religious leaders have long debated the existence of the Thunder Chicken and then there are the Conspiracy Theorists who claim it to be an extraterrestrial from another galaxy.

I guess we may never find the whole truth behind the Thunder Chicken, but that isn’t cause to stop looking. Maybe someday you will see the Thunder Chicken come out of hiding. Who knows…maybe it will come out in you!

Stay tuned as we unravel more of the mystery surrounding the legendary Thunder Chicken.

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