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* Henry James sells True Temper tubing by the tube, so custom builders can fine tune frames to match the rider's needs. Kits are intended for information only. It is the builder's sole responsibility to select a combination of tubes that will serve the intended type of riding while having adequate strength, stiffness, frame fatigue life, and safety.
Typical Kits* Rider Wt. Range** Head Tube Top Tube Down Tube Seat Tube Chain Stay Seat Stay Price
** Rider Weight Ranges do not consider rider & builder skill level, or variations from average rider strength and aggressiveness, speed & terrain, etc. They are a rough ride for beginning builders. The lower number attempts to address how light a rider can be before the rider may find the frame feels rough riding, or too stiff and so not lively enough. The higher number for road frames attempts to address when a taller or stronger rider may feel a bike is too flexible, affecting handling and control. For mountain frames, the higher number attempts to address potential frame bending or failure from impacts or metal fatigue, when there is too much rider and not enough bike.
Arranged by increasing rider weight range and frame size. Click on the kit name at left to order.
Classic Light Road-S 90-140 lbs. TT10-HTXC HOXPLAT01 HOXPLAT03 RC2ST HOXPLATCS3 ULTRARSS $174.10
Classic Light Road-M 100-150 lbs. TT10-HTXC HOXPLAT02 HRCXDT2 RC2ST HOXPLATCS3 ULTRARSS $163.00
Classic Light Road-L 110-180 lbs. TT10-HTXC HOXPLAT01 HRCXDT2 HVERST1 HOXPLATCS3 TT1SSX1C $170.45
Classic Road-Small 130-160 lbs. TT10-HTXC RC2TT RC2DT RC2ST HVERCS1 ULTRARSS $105.75
Classic Road-Medium 130-175 lbs. TT10-HTXC RC2TT RC2DT RC2ST RC2CS RC2SS $92.20
Classic Road-Large 130-185 lbs. TT10-HTXC VER01 RC2DT VERUSST2 RC2CS TT1SSX1C $94.70
O/S Light Road 150-180 lbs. TT10-HTXC HOXPLAT04 HOXPLAT07 RC2ST HOXPLATCS3 ULTRARSS $178.68
O/S Medium Road 160-200 lbs. TT10-HTXC HOXPLAT11 HOXPLAT12 HVERST1 HVERCS1 TT1SSX1C $162.68
O/S Stiff Road 160-210 lbs. TT10-HTXC VER01 HVER01 HVERST1 HOXRCXCS HOXRCXSS $137.25
Double O/S Road 160-220 lbs. HOXPLATHT2 HVER01 HOX5DT HVERST1 HOXRCXCS VERSS1 $152.00
S3 Compact Road-S <160 lbs. (54cm) HS3HT1 HS3TTS HS3DTS HS3STS HS3CS1 HS3SS1 $294.40
S3 Compact Road-M <180 lbs. (59cm) HS3HT1 HS3TTM HS3DTM HS3STM HS3CS1 HS3SS1 $294.40
S3 Compact Road-L <190 lbs. (64cm) HOXPLATHT2 HS3TTL HS3DTL HS3STL HS3CS1 HS3SS1 $287.50
Lugged Mountain 110-160 lbs. TT10-HTXC RC2DT AVRDT HVERST1 AVRCS VERSS1 $108.45
Luggless Mountain 110-180 lbs. MHT AVRTT AVRDT AVROBST-649 AVRCS VERSS1 $107.10
O/S Light Mountain 120-190 lbs. MHT HOXPLAT07 HOXPLAT10 VERUSST1 HOXPLATCS1 HOXPLATSS3 $203.00
O/S Mountain 130-200 lbs. MHT HOX3TT2 HOX3DT2 VERUSST1 HOX4CS OX3SS $153.25
O/S Stiff Mountain 150-220 lbs. MHT HOX2TT HOX2DT VERUSST1 HOX4CS OX3SS $148.85
29" Mountain-ExtraLite 130-170 lbs. MHT HOXPLAT08 HOXPLAT13 HVERST1 HOX5CS OX3SS $187.75
29"/(700C) Mountain-S 140-200 lbs. MHT HVER01 HOX5DT HVERST1 HOX5CS OX3SS $166.15
29"/(700C) Mountain-M 160-240 lbs. MHT HOXPLAT13 HOX2DT01 VERUSST1 HOX5CS OX3SS $168.55
29"/(700C) Mountain-L 160-240 lbs. MHT HOX2DT HOX2DT01 VERUSST1 HOX5CS OX3SS $154.85