The Feel of Steel

True Temper: The Feel of Steel

The Feel of Steel
True Temper Steel

True Temper Steel S3S3 SUPER STRENGTH (S3): S3 stands for Super Light, Super Strong and Super Ride quality. True Temper’s newest S3 Super Strength Steel is the new Ultimate steel tubeset.

True Temper Steel Ox PlatinumOX PLATINUM (P): Based upon state of the art steel metallurgy, True Temper began with aero-space grade air hardening steel and modified it to enhance its properties for lightweight bicycle frames. The result is the industry’s strongest tubeset.

True Temper Steel Verus Heat Treated SteelVERUS HEAT TREATED STEEL (VHT): Made possible by True Temper’s decades of experience in the heat treatment of 4130 steel’s for maxi-mum performance. With this tubeset, the rider will enjoy a light and lively ride and confidence that the frame will stay true for many miles.

True Temper Sports Verus SteelVERUS STEEL (V): True Temper’s Verus Stress Relieved 4130 steel is designed for reliability, with a strength that is twice that of basic steel. The popular RC2 tubeset is part of the Verus Series and is renowned for its classic steel ride qualities.

True Temper Sports Supertherm BMX SteelSUPERTHERM STEEL (BMX): True Temper’s Supertherm BMX steel is the ultimate tubing for strength and low weight, so you can go higher, faster, longer.

If you are looking for the most responsive, pure ride, you know that "Steel is Real." Ask any serious cyclist and he will tell you the same thing. While the marketing dollars in today's business world are going to promote the sales of other more "exotic" bicycle materials, there is still nothing that compares to the ride quality of steel.

Custom framebuilders around the world will tell you that there is nothing like building the perfect custom steel bicycle. Being able to combine the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into building an incredible bicycle frame with the benefits of building it to meet the unique needs of the rider, can best be accomplished with steel.

With advancements in the manufacturing of their steel bicycle tubing, True Temper Sports is blowing the doors off the old stereotypes with steel tubing that provides the best of both worlds - the strength and performance of steel with the light-weight advantages of other frame materials. Framebuilders building with True Temper’s revolutionary new S3 tubing are capable of building a sub 3 pound frame that rides like a dream.

So maybe it’s time to start building your dream bike.  

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